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Wow it's been a long time since I've visited my LJ! going back online because I found out that Arashi will be on hiatus. So here I am finding all my files and I could not find most of them huhu.

Watched Gantz in Singapore Airlines!


Yey!!!! I'm so happy! I was able to watch Gantz 2x on board Singapore Airlines last week.  The first is during the flight from Manila to Singapore then from Singapore to Brisbane.  The good thing about it is that it is SUBBED not DUBBED.

sorry for the really low quality.  I just used my itouch for this. It's embarrassing to use the SLR while taking pictures of the video screen.

This is from the Manila-Singapore flight

And this one is from the Singapore - Brisbane flight.  Well this one is better coz I can pause and resume whatever movie, tv show I chose unlike in the first flight where I can only choose the channel but I can't control when I want it to start and such.  In this flight, I didn't watch the whole GANTZ coz I was watching some other show and I tried to sleep since it's a LOOONG flight.


Arashi's Lotus PV

 Thanks to jamerei for telling me about their PV last night via twitter! I didn't even know. And I just saw the PV today! So their single is gonna be out this wednesday? aaaaaaahhhhhhh I'm not that updated w/ arashi anymore! Like, it's been a long time since I've watched a complete episode of an arashi show for months!

Can I just flail for a while?!  Ok so I liked - not yet love but like - Lotus (well it took me some time to warm up to the song actually) and I liked it more after seeing the pv.

  • I love them in white!  They look hot

  • ZOMG is that NINO and OHNO doing the belting parts in the song?! I couldn't believe it when I saw the PV

  • Yey, choreo is good. Plus, I think this is the most sync dancing of arashi in their PVs. :)

  • Aibaaaaaaa!! nice to see you in the middle! and my are you looking fine! well he's getting prettier. hehe

  • Lawlzzzz Sho looks like he had shoulder pads. :))))

  • Like the fact that the song is upbeat.  Reminds me a bit of - and tamer compared to - Truth and Troublemaker

  • I may just like the song but I LOVE the refrain and chorus and bridge or whatever you call those parts. :))))

Edit: Thanks a lot to aoihikari for the Lotus gifs posted at !!!! I will visit your lj and site later!! I also just visited yuminami  's post on the English translation of Lotus. Wow, the last time I checked the lyrics are not yet complete coz it's based on the preview/teaser. hehe. awwww why do they have nice lyrics?! I just finished watching arashi's kokuritsu concerts on tv. haha I just hooked up the usb on the tv and awwwwww their songs are just so nice, I mean the lyrics. Coz I used to watch my DVDs of their concerts but now, thanks to  coz they've subbed arashi's kokuritsu concerts (AAA 2008, 5x10 and Scene) so I can see the translated lyrics.  I don't have SCENE dvd yet but I'm gonna get my copy next month! yey!! Next week, I'll probably have to watch the pre-kokuritsu subbed arashi concerts. I used to watch these clips on my computer and rarely on tv but now, I must say, watching on tv is really better right? haha

The man behind the songs of our fave asian idols is on plurk! follow Drew Ryan Scott if you have one

pic source:

PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drew Ryan Scott is on Plurk!!!! well he has twitter and I've followed him last year but his plurk is pretty recent! I was curious coz someone replied to a comment I posted several months ago and I was shocked when it was Drew! I asked him if he really is Drew and he said yes. I kinda believed it coz I saw his private plurks, which you'll see if he adds you as his friend, and it confirmed it for me. I saw his plurk acct and there were only like less than 10 followers and fans that time. Now, my friends and I added to it and hopefully those of you can add him too!

here's my post last august 2010 which he commented on just this week:


for the entire discussion on the thread, click here

He's so nice! I told him that I did a blog about him last August 2010 here at my lj blog (see it here) about being shocked that he composed Mada Ue Wo and he read it! he even gave me some corrections. haha so I edited some of the parts there and I also changed some of the vids then added DBSK's one pretty recently as well.

In case you don't know, he composed the music and/or wrote the original English lyrics of these songs!!!! to think he's only 22!

Mada Ue Wo - Arashi
You're My Melody - TVXQ/DBSK
Sorry Sorry and She Wants It and Why I Like You - Super Junior
Amigo and Shout - Shinee
Love Like This  and Wasteland- SS501
Sinner - Taeyang
Boyfriend - SNSD
One Way - Lollipop

plus he's also involved in Charice's song Pyramid!

and a lot more!!!! check it out here:

I asked it here just this morning!


or the entire discussion on the thread, click here

Follow his plurk if you have one!

He responds to fans and adds them too! Currently it's mostly Filipinos. haha